City Infrastructure

Over the last few years, I have worked with city staff to prioritize a long-term capital improvement plan. Most of the improvements are for water, sewer, and road improvements. A key part of the budget process is to ensure that there are sufficient funds available to complete the projected projects. I will continue to work on this plan and its funding. These type projects affect the core area of our city as this is where water, sewer, and roads have aged the most and will receive most of the available funding.

I will strive to continue developing our Business Park. This will further enhance revenue, add new jobs, and provide additional income for land sales. Of the 42 acres in the park, about 15 have been set aside for non-cannabis businesses. With the infrastructure cost of the whole business park covered by cannabis land sales, revenue received from the sale of these parcels can be used to finance city infrastructure improvements such as resurfacing Airport Road. The development fees generated from cannabis sales will provide a boost to our general fund.

Improving the ascetics of our city has always been a goal for me. One project the city will be pursuing is placing PG&E and other utility lines along Main Street and a few other areas underground. The city has petitioned PG&E to use its future development credits to finance such a project. I will also continue to advocate against blighted properties.

The availability of water is a key factor in residential growth. I will be working with city staff to evaluate possible new well sites that will provide this key resource.

A priority item for my term will be to update the Parks and Recreation, Master Plan. While we have made many improvements to our existing parks, as the city grows, the need for new park facilities will grow. We have experienced this with the Liberty Island development. A key element in developing such a Master Plan will be to evaluate how best to incorporate a portion of the Army Base property for recreational use. The Army Base has been an ongoing project for many years. The development effort is presently on hold awaiting financing from State and Federal agencies. I will use the office of Mayor as well as positions on other boards and committees to lobby legislators for funding to develop the estuarine plan that will take up a major portion of this area. I will also press for funding to develop recreationally and some commercial options for a portion of this area.