New housing development in Rio Vista has slowed. I will be working with city staff and developers to revive new housing and get the city back on track as one of the fastest-growing communities in the county and state on a percentage basis. I will be focusing on existing development agreements and will be pushing to find a way to spur new growth. Affordable housing is a high priority for Governor Newsome and transportation grant funding is now tied to the ability of each city/county to meet its RHNA housing targets. One area of interest I will explore with city staff is to develop a portion of the 50-acre Industrial Park with new housing that will include an element of affordable housing. Such a plan will open housing grants which should help attract developers. Once our RHNA targets are established, we can work with developers to design future housing projects with low and affordable housing targets in mind.

Update the General Plan

Updating all the elements of the General Plan will cost about $1 million. In 2018, the city council approved an overall strategy to affect this update. The strategy is to update the plan on a segment by segment basis, completing a segment every two years. This will result in a complete rework of the plan every 10 years and spread the cost in a more manageable manner. The Housing Element was last updated in 2015 and is current. Future updates are on hold pending the hiring of a new Planning Director but I anticipate we will complete the update of the next element by 2022. The Housing Element is one of the more dynamic General Plan Elements and although current, will be updated again by the end of next year to conform to the new RHNA requirements. This update is necessary to qualify for affordable housing and transportation grant funding. I have worked with STA to secure $65,000 in grant funding which will be used to retain a consultant to complete this project promptly.